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Nae's Nest —  April 24, 2012 — 3 Comments by Juan Osborne, Artist

There are many great wonders in this world.

Amazing structures centuries old.

Nature can weave rock into gold.

Mountains carved into sculptures, most created by God some are engineered structures. The Rolling Stones, Juan Osborne-Artist

The scale of beauty is long and wide.

 A never-ending slide.

Beauty’s scale is flexible.

Elastic and stretchable.

One of my favorite forms of beauty is largely unseen.

Something others will often demean: , Juan Osborne, Artist

Paintings created from thought.

 A gift which can not be taught.

It comes from within on paper it is poured.

Creating an image often adored.

So many words bursting to get out.

Bright colors forcing a  shout.

Anxious to make their debut.

Sadly appreciated by few.

Poetry is the least appreciated of all.

But the skill within should be awed.

If inspired, like paint, the words flow.

Various colors make the poem grow.

Easy and smooth is the paint.

A touch of texture to make it quaint.

Dust it off, bring it out of the dark

Take some time and appreciate  a

Word of Art


Renee Robinson

Juan Osborne, Artist