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Spirits and Psalms

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There is a Flame in the woods

The wolf struggles to see

He must find the fire

He must save the trees


He once guarded the Flame

She was wild and free

She sang with the wind

She danced with the trees

Her Flames told of dreams

The wolf could make come true

The Flame was his lover

His heart she consumed


One night he awoke

His Flame was gone

The wind whispered in his ear

“She was taken by Kahn”


Kahn was a Cancer

From planet Disease

He would slip through the gateway

Bringing the strong, to their knees


Wolf’s heart was breaking

As the news sank in

His Flame lost forever

He feared Kahn would win

For  there would be war

Flame must be found

The land was at stake

Kahn would take more ground

Never happy with one flame

Kahn would want more

Using her to burn the forest

Every grove he’d explore

Wolf called up the pack

He called in the herds

He gathered all the troops

Even imploring the birds

We stand united

Together as one source

We can destroy Cancer

Using natural force

The Herbs lead the way

Followed by Spice

Candles were lit

Prayers were said twice

Miracles and blessings

Magical chants

Healers and crystals

Shamans who dance

They followed the smoke

Of Flame’s palms

Cancer was called out

With Spirits and Psalms

Kahn backed up

Having no choice

Unable to beat

This natural force

It was a hard fight

It was a long battle

Kahn finally let go

Turned tail and saddle

In his haste

Kahn dropped Flame

Wolf carefully caught her

Before the woods inflamed


Saved by the land

Wolf’s heart again warm

His Flame returned home

Defeated Cancer by their storm

Renee Robinson











Wax Tears

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Lonely is the wolf when you are away

A piece of him missing,

Leaving him lost,

Confused and in utter dismay

The wings of the phoenix spread over the horizon

Gone is her fire. No lust for life, no more passion

Blue is the flame of The candle of my heart.

Wax dripping like tears. How long must we  be part?

Time stands still.  My lungs take no air. All color has lost its polish. Everything meaningless without you to share.

Apart for centuries, how much more must we endure? I do not ask much – love, life, happiness I beg, plead, I implore!

The basics of life….one filed with love Is it too much? Is it out of my grasp? Is it truly too much for me to ask?

I am angered to be given the rarest of gifts.  But to never unwrap, to never open?

What is the point?  What have we ever done?

Only to live one life after the next. To grow and transcend.

Finally we are pulled back together

Two pieces of the puzzle, Completing a new dimension.

We need to come together. It is the only way for completion

Renee Robinson

Rabbit Season(ing)

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There was a time, not so long ago,

when animals ruled, they ran the Meadow.

Two such creatures,still live on today.

Their story still told, to this very day.

The two were writers, who met one day.

Having much in common, they decided to play.

All was good,

All was fine,

Until one day,they came to a sign.

The sign directed, them to a place

Called the Meadows. A beautiful space.

It was here they found, remarkable groups.

They were invited, to join the loop.

Below is the fable, it is a bit long.

Just have a seat and some coffee,


FoxTail and DumBunny are both active in clubs and love to write. They both also wanted to lead some writing clubs and even offered to help their leader, HappyWolf. On the surface, it seemed Foxy and Bunny had much in common. They were all becoming a happy family…or so they thought….

One day, DumBunny hopped into a group that FoxTail “owned”.  The group “I love frogs” was very interesting to DumBunny, as she loved frogs too…wow, yet another thing these 2 new friends have in common. Dumbunny decided to submit an article “10 Great Frog Recipes” to the Frog club.  Foxy’s group “I love Frogs”, was Bunny’s favorite. Fat and juicy pictures of frogs were posted everywhere. Plumb and ready to butcher-Bunny salivated just thinking about those frogs.

What a big mistake Bunny made. Foxy was furious. Foxy loved frogs as pets, or lovers maybe.  Foxy thought frog legs sexy, Dumbunny thought they were yummy.Foxy says those pics are of hunky,naked man frogs who are showing off their muscle.  Nothing DumBunny said or did made Foxy happy. How dumb Foxy thought Bunny could be.  How Bunny regretted her own stupidity.  How she wished she never wrote that stupid article.

Foxy began tormenting Bunny. Gossip started to fly. Some of the animals even left the Meadows because of the childish behavior.  By now, Bunny was very sorry for that damned article and wished she never posted it.  Things got so bad, that HappyWolf could no longer ignore it. He had to do something. He wasn’t sure what. Bunny promised to never step her unlucky foot into any of Foxy’s groups ever again.. She said she would never-ever post anything in Foxy’s groups.  She swore to be a good little bunny.

HappyWolf couldn’t help but find bunny attractive with juicy breasts and tasty tenderloin. On the other hand, Foxy was youthful, smart, beautiful, talented…and what a nice tail she had. Fortunately for HappyWolf, Foxy accepted Bunny’s offer.  This made HappyWolf happy again.

And so things seemed to be good once more. The cute furry girls ignored each other. Bunny believed the gossip and discomfort had disappeared.  She continued to write her little tail off.  HappyWolf put it back on her a few times. Since the agreement, Foxy was not around as much. All seemed to be going very well indeed.  HappyWolf would even whistle and chat at the same time.  Then one day HappyWolf left to find some lost sheep….

Wolf barely had time to lick his lambchops when trouble began to brew.  Bunny was writing as usual, when she discovered nearly all of her writings were gone. She had worked hours even neglecting her own blog to lend a helping hand.  She expected nothing in return, she truly loved Meadows…and she thought she may have a “crush” on Wolf.  She wasn’t certain how he felt. She knew he would linger a little too long when adjusting her tail. But she had also saw him stroke Foxy’s tail a few times…so Bunny kept her feelings to herself.

When Bunny saw that her writings missing, she was stunned. She found it was only her writings which were gone and only a small number of animals had the ability to edit another’s writings. As a group leader,  Foxy was one of them. So were Bunny, 2 other highly respectable women and, of course, HappyWolf.

It was noted that several writings had disappeared on the same dates that Foxy decided to be “active”  again…a rare occurrence these days.  There were a few dates within the time range Wolf was gone in which Bunny noted for a fact, that Foxy’s log-in dates coincided with days she noticed her writings came up missing.

Foxy was too smart to do such a thing while Wolf was in the Meadow. But she was more than happy to skin Bunny just as soon as he was gone.  Foxy knew it might look suspicious if she deleted everything within the same day.

For fear that Bunny would not be saved from the Fox, Bunny began keeping a journal. She noted anything she thought might be important. Bunny was so hurt and alone.  Wolf was gone and she was hanging in the jaws of a Fox….no one to help,,,,and she feared…no one to save her.

So…Bunny thought about leaving the Meadow. But surely, Wolf will not tolerate one member bullying another to the extreme of deleting property (writings) which now belonged to the Meadow? This is not just a personal verbal attack on another member.  This is a violation, a threat of sorts. It shows no concern for the Meadows or it occupants. If she succeeds in devouring the Bunny, who will be next? The Meadow?  Generally, a Fox and Wolf do not get along very well. If she gets angry with the Wolf, what would she do? Even if she is no longer permitted to lead any groups and no longer able to delete another’s work…will she find other clever ways to hurt the Meadow? Will she go into the Forest and tell the Vulture bad things?  Will they conspire to badmouth the Meadow and its leader to the other animals in the Meadow?

Is the DumBunny the only one who can see the risk? Is the value of DumBunny low? Undependable? Is the value of the Fox greater? Is Foxy better in someway? Does the Wolf have feelings for the Fox. Maybe they, together would enjoy Rabbit for dinner…Bunny notices a new post….”10 Great Bunny Recipes”….her eyes filled with tears and clouded the article.

Renee Robinson

White Wolf

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Tears of The White Wolf

Freely they flow

As quietly she gazes

Around the hollow

Once filled with trees

And the lovely bird’s song

Overlooked by blue skies

And midnight stars that glowed

Gone is the stream

With clear cold water

Where children would wade

As summer grew hotter

The wolf lost her pups

When crossing the road

Her den destroyed

It was bulldozed

She must move on

But nowhere to go

The city has swallowed

The lush hollow

Once filled with trees

And the lovely bird’s song

Now filled with horns

And cars that don’t belong

She looks to the sky

She wonders where she’ll go

She prays to the Spirit

As her tears gently flow

Renee Robinson







The Wolf and The Flame

Nae's Nest —  December 22, 2012 — 4 Comments
Deep sorrow is what he felt
Pain pierced  his body
It smothered his soul
When she died, So did his Spirit
They were exactly different
Opposite and the same
One in need of the other
Without her, he was insane
He looked toward the sky
Even the moon refused to shine
Missing her nightly walks
The songs she sang, how she would chant
Everything would come to life, Waking up to join the dance
He was a Wolf,
She said he made her proud
He knew that she loved him
He hoped
She knew
Of his love for her
He brayed and he howled, Screaming up toward the moon
Why did you go?
Why did you leave?
How do I go on?
How will I live?
Your death is something
I can not forgive!
He howled and he cried
Tears flowing fast
The moon share in his sorrow
Sweet memories
Of the past
He too, began to cry
Tears came down like pellets
Streaming down from the sky
A clap off thunder
A bolt of lightning
The Moon and the Wolf, Lost all control
Lightening struck, it started a Fire
The Fire was enraged to be disturbed
It was his night off
He lashed out in vain
Destroying all within his reach
Unafraid of the rain
The Moon and Wolf were startled
The Fire must be stopped
They called upon Thor and found him angry
Ashamed they had been caught
Thor scolded them for being careless
Thunder and lightening belong to him
He was furious with their mess
But he too, mourned her death
So… he helped them none the less
He ordered them to cry some more
For the tears would destroy the Fire
Moon and Wolf worked quickly
Crying up a hard rain
Soon the Fire was put out
Except for one tiny Flame
Wolf let his tears drop upon the weak Flame
Something told him he shouldn’t
He stopped and gazed into the Fire
The Flame began to dance
Softly she began to sing
Even Moon came out to get a glance
Wolf knew he had been blessed
His true love had come back
She lived within the Fire
Quickly, he stopped his attack
His Love, His Heart, His Soul
Alive within the Flame
Wild and free, a ball of fire
She was his passion, his love
His heart’s desire
Renee Robinson

Lone Wolf

Nae's Nest —  December 7, 2012 — 3 Comments

Silently she bays

Crying to the moon


Her time ending soon

All the good she has done

Seems to be forgotten

Like sheep they followed

A heart black and rotten

The wolf remains true

With her head held up high

The demon can not have her

She will not follow the lies

Nor will she leave

She stands her ground

Claiming what is hers

And the love she found

She shall remain true

Her Love will return

Together they shall fight

Hell’s fires shall burn

Lone wolf stands alone

Lone wolf stands proud

Demon sleeps with the serpents

Spewing poison

All around

Moonlight Run

Nae's Nest —  May 31, 2012 — 1 Comment

The earth opens

The shake of a quake

Vibrations strong

Massive ripples in the lake

The wild run of the horses

Magnificent, strong and smart

Just one of nature’s beauties

How can they not capture the heart?

Wild they run, hooves beating the ground

Thunderous vibrations, passionate sound

The beat goes on, natural rhythm

The wind shifts

Strong, vibrant and colorful

The wolf appears

A part of the wind

Everything struggling against the breeze

The wolf is still, he is at ease

Black clouds rolling in

Shelter is sought by all

Creatures are quivering

Wolf begins to call

He speaks to the sky

Howling to the moon

Blinded to the storm

No worries of doom

At one with nature

No reason to worry

He enjoys the glow

The thunderous lightening show

A fire breaks out

Dangerous and hungry

Quickly running across the land

Killing all it can

Nature’s clean-up

The way of the land

Sad as it is

It is part of nature’s plan

Thinning out the weak

Bringing in the new

Nature taking care of itself

And all it pursues

When the rain comes

Wolf seems to bask

His song still soaring in the sky

The sky of the moonlight run

Wild horses calmed down

Bedding down for the night

Silhouetted against the moon

Run with the sky

Of moonlight

Renee Robinson

Coyote Man*

Nae's Nest —  May 28, 2012 — 1 Comment

A coyote cries

A sad lonely cry

Is she all alone

She cries to the sky


The cry is sad

For I hear her everynight

There is a hint of sorrow

It doesn’t sound right


Talk to the animals?

I make no such claim

All could hear

We listen the same


There is a desire

A kindness of heart

A willingness to sit

Keep your ears sharp


Hear with your body

Not just your ears

Tune into your senses

Developed over years


The animal within

Lost in time

Resting dormant

Man too refined


No longer in need

Of primitive instinct

Too far removed

No longer linked


The missing link

An evolving earth

Everything is change

Forgetting our birth


In the beginning

Naked we were

In the ways of the world

Not just at birth


Dependent on senses

Out of touch with nature

Much better than beast

Unless there’s a wager


Lust for money

And many fine things

Destroying the earth

At any means


Shouldn’t there be a limit

How much more does man need

One day to destroy the earth

Over a planted seed of greed


Greed was not born within

It evolved over time

It will be the link

Appearing in crime


Man was so smart

The earth he killed

And all that lives

Forever stilled


Veins in the earth

Inner connecting

The roots of our being

Man was neglecting


Before man’s time

Carefully engineered

An underground transit

Kept us rooted here


Dependent on each other

All life connected

Bred out of man

Evolved and rejected

Renee Robinson

Sky Afire

Nae's Nest —  May 27, 2012 — 2 Comments


I miss the wolf

I miss his howl

I miss his eyes

I miss his prowl

Under a moon

Liquid movements

Sexy moves

The sky afire

The sound of drums

Beating in time

Beating hearts

Rhythm entwines

Taking in

All of my needs

Molten desire

Spiritual seeds

Into your den

Make me yours

Part women

Part wolf

Mingling spirits

Making love

Dancing souls

Wings of a dove

A new lifeform

Flying toward

Another world

Where we were born

The wolf and the woman

A love that is solid

Fierce like the wolf

Soft as the woman

Two souls

Meant to be

Together as one

Like you and me

Renee Robinson

Arizona Wolf

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There is a wolf in Arizona

Stalking her land

He is fueling her flame

He asks for her hand

Marry me under

Nature’s canopy

Flowers in your hair

Bird in the trees


Floating in the breeze

I will love you

Until the end of time

Here in the wild

Enjoying the sunshine

Cozy in my den

I made just for you


Tell you will have me


Say I do

Renee Robinson