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Nae's Nest —  January 8, 2012 — 3 Comments


Hanging on tight

As tight as I can

Struggle for life

Barely can stand

Praying to God

That I win this war

Not ready to go

I have so much more

More love to give

More life to share

More living to do

So many who care

Hanging by a thread

Feels like a noose

Tight around my neck

Trying to get loose

The more I struggle

The more I strangle

The more I fight

The more I dangle

Pray for my life

Like I have never before

Please spare me

I pray, Dear Lord

Hanging by a wing

A wing and a prayer

Swinging on a rope

Teetering on a chair

No room to stumble

I can not dare

Getting so tired

Soon I won’t care

Hanging by a wing

Please raise me up

So that I may breathe

And drink of His cup

Healing water

Washes through me

Cleanses my soul

And protects me

Hanging on a cross

He died for me

Saving my life once

A Victory

The more blood shed

The more He gave

His grace for me

So I could be saved

Hanging on a prayer

Is all that is left

Hanging on the threads

 Of His garment

by Renee Robinson