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Smile With Your Heart

Nae's Nest —  March 24, 2012 — 1 Comment

Nae's Nest:

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Smile with your heart

With your soul

With all that you

Carry dear inside you

The years melt away

The windows are opened

The gleam talks

It tells of years


It tells of years

of pain

It tells of wisdom, Only to be acquired…

By these years

Smile with your heart

by Renee Robinson

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Recycled Life

Nae's Nest —  January 15, 2012 — 2 Comments

Recycled Life

Forced to live a recycled life
Eaten alive with cancer
No explanation to why
Just my turn to suffer

In past times I have been blessed
With riches not of this earth
Giving my soul everlasting bliss
Much more than I deserved

Many before me have suffered much more
It is my turn to walk this mile
A life recycled and given again
A new gift accepted with a smile

Wash and wear, carry on
Is just a phase in time
Play it again, beginning to end
Life borrowed and given in kind

by Renee Robinson