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Come Home

Nae's Nest —  September 30, 2012 — 6 Comments

Come home
Come home
I hear your call
My time has come
It is my fall
Like the seasons
I have changed
Hair of silver
Little laugh lines
A full and happy life
I have walked
Many seasons of time
As the leaves dull
And wither away
I thank you
For allowing me this day
One last time
To count my blessings
One last day
To kneel and pray
One last moment
To reflect
On the life I have lived
Without regret
Your Spirit fills me
It carries me on
Your Spirit guides me
As I go to a new home
One last time
I take your hand
Please lead me on
To the new land
Humbly, I ask
You accept me in
Softly I knock
On the door
Which will take me in
A brand new season
Full of life
A new color to change
No more strife
A new land to walk
A new moment in time
A new day to live
A new home
You give
Come home, come home
I hear your call
Closing my eyes
Softly, they fall
Renee Robinson

Candlelit Crystal Ball

Nae's Nest —  June 4, 2012 — 2 Comments

The candle burns brightly for us

Putting off a heat, my skin is seared

The flame constantly dancing

As my heart does when you are near

Warmly  the candle shines

Reflecting off the depths of your eyes

Revealing your tender thoughts for me

A crystal ball with both future

And history

Seeing our future reflecting

Our history has only begun

Revealing all in your eyes

My heart, you have won

I see us living many seasons

From Summer’s heat and burning passion

To Fall’s beauty shows

With colors of fashion

Making love by the fireplace

Winter’s fire burning low

Jack Frost nibbles

Tenderly and slow

Spring in with eagerness

To walk the runway

Color range of emotions

Flowers bursting to play

From hot and heated

Your eyes tell it all

To blues and greens of the coolest oceans

Reflecting off a

Candlelit crystal ball

Renee Robinson

Sensual Scents

Nae's Nest —  March 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

Brilliant colors

Sensual scents

Romance blooming

Natural incense

Butterfly softly

Floating  in the air

Grazing my skin

Brushing my hair

On a blanket

Under a tree

Each knowing

Our eyes meet

Burning within

Soft and sweet

Like a kiss

Animal instinct

Taking wing

Making love

Hearts sing

Wings of a dove



Songbirds too

Apart of me

Apart of you

by Renee Robinson

Castaway Woman

Nae's Nest —  March 25, 2012 — 3 Comments

My tears fall….As the leaves

I cry a tear

For each season

Red for the


I have shed

While dancing Around

I was led

By the hand

A horrid partner

One who should be

Castaway in Satan’s lair

Never to hurt Never to ensnare

My tears fall….As the leaves

I cry a tear

For each season

Orange for the


Stuck, pricked,

Pushed and


Leaves fall freely

Storm restrained

Castaway needles

Fingers of pain

My tears fall….As the leaves

I cry a tear

For each season

Brown for the


Toying with death

Constant wonder

When is my last breath?

Will I fall to pieces?

How bad will it get?

Will I be helpless?

Castaway woman

Soon to be useless?

My tears fall….As the leaves

I cry a tear

For each season

Yellow for the


I cling to tightly

White knuckle

Death grip

Never to let go

Too much to lose

Too much to bestow

Castaway Woman

Not on My Life, Be ready to fight

by Renee Robinson

Willow In The Tree

Nae's Nest —  March 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

The man in the moon

Gets all of the attention

Seen by all

Gains him population

But I much prefer

The Willow in my tree

She sways and sings softly

Tunes just for me

No noisy traffic

No blaring horns

Just me

Under the willow

Feeling forlorn

Enjoying her shade

Given joyfully each day

Enjoying the nap

As lazily she sways

Lulling me to sleep

In a hammock built for two

Gently we will sleep

As we listen to the tune

Her branches singing out

In the soft summers breeze

A sweet lullaby

I accept with such



by Renee Robinson