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Paper Boat

Nae's Nest —  May 1, 2012 — 1 Comment

His eyes so unusual, can’t help but stare

Something about him tells me beware

He offers to guide me as I travel

I am uneasy, feeling rattled

He is sexy and hot to the touch

Is this a warning, revealing too much

What do I do, leave or stay

My mind says leave, but my heart craves

His hair, silver lining of the clouds

His voice gentle and kind, not very loud

He has a beard the color of the moon

He sings a song, a delightful tune

Lyrics floating down the trail

Birds chime in, musical sail

In a boat made of paper

Am entranced, in a vapor

I’ve am smitten by this man

Wherever he leads, I take his hand

Forgive me please, if I’ve made a mistake

I pray my soul will be safe

I can no longer walk, too weak to fight

He carried me as if, feather light

A paper boat sailing to the stars

Taking me away someplace far

I look at this man with his golden eyes

With him I am safe, my decision wise

No more pain

no more tears

No more sorrow

no more fears

This chapter is closed

Turn the page

A new one is opened

Smelling of sage

A new beginning

With a fresh start

In a paper boat

I depart


Renee Robinson









Mouth of Hell

Nae's Nest —  April 8, 2012 — 1 Comment

Turn back, turn back!
Don’t tell me it’s too late
Darkness surrounds me
This is my fate
Spirits are closing in
Many of them evil
Trying to get me
Their venom is lethal
Pirating my vessel
Flowing in my veins
Unwanted aliens
They have me restrained
I’ve reached the end
Of this realm
Alien spirit
At the helm
The waters open
I see the mouth of hell
Tumbling down
My fear swells
Into hell’s mouth
An endless fall
I hear the teeth
Gnashing a call
A gruesome welcome
Into this pit
Dear Lord
How do you see fit
To send me here
As a believer
Why condemn
You are my Savior
Heaven’s hand
Reached down to me
He heard my plea
He said I am
To bear witness
To testify
To address
Telling all who 
Need to hear
Hell is real 
It will sear
The flesh 
Off the bone
Please repent 
Make Heaven home
by Renee Robinson