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It Used To Be Me

Nae's Nest —  December 13, 2012 — 1 Comment

I was the one who could turn your head

It was me

Who collected your kisses

Who knew every thought

You never said

And with whom

You shared, all of life’s wishes


It was me

You used to hold

We collected dreams

 I was the one you needed

We were a team

It was me in your thoughts

The one you held dear

You used to keep me warm

You always kept me near


Together, we could face

All of life’s storms

I used to make you smile

With the turn of my head

Or something funny that I said

I used to feel safe, happy and loved

Now I feel lonely, sad and lover’s pain

Our future no longer the same

I want to go back

I want to turn back time

I want to freeze a moment

Where our happiness ruled

When the love in our hearts

Took total command

Holding each other

United we’d stand

I long for the touch, you no longer give

The joy in your heart, the bounce in your step

The pride in your voice and the song

In your heart

Our world’s collided

Turned upside down

Everything is lost

Nothing can be found

You no longer need me

The joy is gone

I love you dearly

But you must move on

You must find happiness

The new joy in your heart

You’re sadness will leave

When I depart

I will be happy

When your heart sings

Though mine will be lonely

And torn at the seams

Renee Robinson







The Magic Is Gone

Nae's Nest —  October 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

The magic is gone

Along with the music

Loneliness is setting in

When he left……I fell sick




I stopped singing

I stopped giving

I stopped playing

I stopped …….



My body out o f balance

My heart fell to pieces

He was my soul

My life slowly ceases




Without his quirky smile?

Without the laughter he provokes?

Without his love?

Without out his silly jokes?




How do I go on?

How do I live?

How do I find happiness?

How do I forgive?


I need to get dressed

I need to get out of this place

I need to have some fun

I need more space


Out I go

I am going to dance all night

I will have a few drinks

I will wear my clothes tight


I am going to go

To his old hangouts

Gonna ignore him

While I flirt with men!


I will show him what a mistake he made

I will show him what he is missing

By the time the night ends

My toes he will be kissing


This time I will dump him

I won’t give him the time of day

He will see what he gave up

He’ll know exactly what he threw away!


May he walk in the shadows

With tears in his eyes

Looking at my picture

Asking himself Why?




Why did I leave her?

Why did I let her go?

Why was I so stupid?

Why of why? I want to know!


Now he is lonely

He has no place to go

He runs into me

Wherever he shows!


As if by magic

I’m in control now

He is the rodent

I’m the cat’s Me-oww!


Renee Robinson

Prayor Collector

Nae's Nest —  April 5, 2012 — 2 Comments

I am collecting prayers, One for each tear
One from each friend, One for all fears
I am collecting prayers, To send around the clock
Drifting on toward heaven, A continuous flow, non stop
I have a prayer for when I am weak, Unable to send one of own
The prayer will reach heaven, Was sent just for me for when I was tired, And feeling alone
Here is one for when I am scared of what the future holds
Another for my pain, One for despair, One for strength
One to repair
I have a band of Angels, Praying for me, Around the clock Angels
Can’t you see?
They send me love, They send me peace, They send me joy
Prayers that never cease
I am too weak sometimes to pray, I need this team to pray those days
I have been blessed with this army, These Angels singing
Prayers for me
I am a prayer collector,
A prayer for each tear, There are so many
Keep the prayers coming, I am so grateful
Each one helps to keep my faithful
They help to ease my pain, They help make me smile
Provide some comfort, As I journey these miles

This is hilarious! Check out the blog too!

LegI have got to get to Australia!

Museums, through a variety of rules such as “No touching”, “No pictures”, “No food”, and “No running”, have garnered a reputation of being kind of stuffy. But theMuseum of Contemporary Art in Sydneyadded another rule to the list for two days in April: “No clothing”. Looks like art lovers finally get to let loose and take it all off.

Artist Stuart Ringholt is giving naked tours of his new exhibition. The artists’s work often revolves around fear, embarrassment and abnormality, and this exhibition is no different. The birthday suit dress code will hopefully allow visitors to get closer to the art’s messages (and to their naked artist tour guide).

Are the people of Sydney ready to bare all for art? Museum curator Rachel Kent recently told The Wall Street Journal: “Sydney loves nude people.”

What do you think, readers? Would you go on a naked gallery tour? Is this a cheap publicity stunt or the future of museum tours? (We are so hoping it is the latter.)

The nude tours run for two days only next month, from April 27 – 29, 2012 at theMuseum of Contemporary Art Australia.