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Pieces of Heaven

Nae's Nest —  May 1, 2012 — Leave a comment


So many colors

Which way do I go

So many questions

Which way? I don’t know

Can someone lead me

Show me the way

Take my hand

Before I’m astray

It isn’t too late

As long as I have breath

I want to see with new eyes

Before my death

While I am here

On this blessed land

For the first time to see

Here where I stand

Follow the colors

Which one do I choose?

Does it matter

Will I be refused?

Is one evil

Death eternal

Spiritual bondage

Fires infernal

Which one is it

How do I choose

So many pieces

I am so confused

I follow the light

But there is more than one

Which one is true?

Which is the Son?

To fight off the fire

My faith needs fueled

The colors of the sun

So easily fooled

The moon is cool

The color is pure

Perhaps this piece

Is the one preferred

God will lead me

Heaven I will go

Just like a peak

I’d just like to know

Like a child at Christmas

Too excited to wait

Opening a present

This time a gate

Heaven’s door

The mystical portal

I want to take a peak

Inside life immortal

I’d like to know

What awaits us there

I’d like to tell

I’d love to share

To tell all I love

The beauty that awaits

The wonderful place

Behind spiritual gates

I guess I must wait

Like everyone else

But after I am gone

My spirit will tell

If you only listen

And think of me

I will send you a message

Telling all I see

Renee Robinson





To Hell With Men

Nae's Nest —  January 13, 2012 — 1 Comment

Baby New Year

Bringing in a brand new year
Without confetti and noisy cheer
In a hospital, eyes closed tight
Squeezing legs with all my might
Trying to hold this baby in
Five more minutes, new year begins
Lots of presents, lots of glitter
Stand to lose, if I birth this critter
Holding tight, contractions strong
Have been at it all night long
I am tired and ready to scream
How I wish this were a dream
I won’t do this, I change my mind
I want to go home, this should be a crime
A woman should never, have to do this
To hell with men, this isn’t worth it
To think this started with a touch
Groped in the night a bit too much
To think he had the nerve to do this
Climb on top, with hardly a kiss
He thinks soon he will get laid
When hell freezes, that will be the day
Happy New Year and all of that crap
Push baby out, and call it a wrap
Baby all wrinkly, looks like a prune
Tiny fingers and a soft croon
In love with little boy
Not worth with holding, for free baby toys
Had I squeezed him out five minutes ago
This hell would be over, the end of this show
by Renee Robinson

Licorice Grins

Nae's Nest —  December 25, 2011 — 1 Comment

Licorice Grins

When I was a child
I was delighted
When Christmas was near
My heart was excited

A tree to put up
Cookies to bake
Gifts to wrap
Oh! Goodness sake

In the kitchen
Helping to make
Christmas cookies
Too many I ate

I help to cut out
Gingerbread men
With candy eyes
And licorice grins

So much to do
Kept me so busy
My heart beating fast
Making me dizzy

Under the tree
Sneaking a peek
Too anxious to wait
Can’t even sleep

Checking the tree
Hoping to see
How many presents
There for me

Naughty or nice
Good or bad
Getting worried
Would Santa be mad

Cookies left out
And carrot treat
Just for Santa
And reindeer to eat

Gingerbread men
Dance in my head
While trying to sleep
But thinking instead

Santa’s sleigh
Hoping to hear
Landing on roof
With his reindeer

Jump out of bed
Racing to see
If Santa had come
Leaving gifts for me

House full of love
Am truly blessed
A Merry Christmas
And I can rest

by Renee Robinson