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The Lotus Garden

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The Lotus Garden. stunning pics from Rae Spencer

Legendary Feud

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The Lilyfield’s and The McTads

The Legendary Feud, Of The Great Waterpad

The feud began many years ago

No one recalls what for

Though they continue to  fight

All day and all night, Until tired and sore

The eldest daughter and son

Where in love

And decide to run away

To the far side of the  pond they ran

To find the preacherman

Big Slime Rock is where he lived

They hope to be married there

And settle in Crawl Dad Log

Located in a nice clean bog

A small place not far from there

The fathers heard and blamed the other

The mothers shook their heads

They gathered up the little tads

And headed to the preacher’s

They leaped from frog to tad

And frog to tad again

The best way to watch the children

The tads had fun with this new game

They decided it needed a name

Leap Frog it was called and

Before they knew it

They had arrived

Just as the coupe emerged

The son with his new bride

Tying the family knots together

In time the fathers dropped the feud

And together they took war with

Their new neighbors, the Salamanders

by Renee Robinson

Nae's Nest:

OK, this is water related so it does stay with my theme. I also have a statement which comes to mind, I already hear the groans, but I am going to say it anyway “This one quacks me up” thank you birdblog. Lovely pic.

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May be wild duck but in fact eats from hand here. Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland.

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