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After Dawn

Nae's Nest —  January 5, 2012 — 1 Comment

After Dawn

I hear a noise

A low guttural growl

It makes my skin crawl

As it begins to howl

So many noises in

This vast darkness

Feeling so small

Utterly helpless

Closing my eyes

Unable to sleep

Darkness crawling in

Slowly it creeps

A gradual takeover

Slipping right in

Stealing the sun

Happiness ends

What shall we do?

How to combat?

Helpless in the dark

Trapped like a rat

As darkness takes over

Panic released

My throat is constricting

As fear is increased

No place to run

No place to hide

What am I to do?

How will I survive?

It is darkest before dawn

Creatures are in search

Of something good to eat

My heart is in a lurch

I am so weary

Unable to fight

I cannot go on

Dear God see my plight!

A warmth floods my soul

A calming peace

A beautiful feeling

A welcome relief

Calling my name

I hear a voice

Letting me know

Of my choice

Though my body is weak

Don’t be alarmed

The heavenly spirit

Keeps safe from harm

It all boils down

To the strength

Of our faith

How we perceive

Determines our fate

Is the glass half full?

Is it half empty?

The perception is

What we make it to be

The bump in the night

May be nothing more

Nothing to fear

Nothing to explore

Is it darkest before dawn?

Or is it brightest after dawn?

The perception is ours

To make and move on

by Renee Robinson