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Nae's Nest —  March 18, 2012 — 7 Comments

The photographer's name is Attila József

We walk past

Homeless man

We ignore

If we can

Did he fall on hard times?  No one to love, No one to care,  Did he live a life of crime?

Did he choose to live this way?  Sitting in gutters, Living in boxes, Begging from others?

Is it possible he is ill?  Mentally confused, Needing some help, But all refused?

Perhaps he is gentle


and kind

Had a good life

At one time

Is he hungry and tired?  No longer has a bed, Or a hot meal,  How does he feel?

My heart cries for him

Such a sad sight

Alone and depressed

Night after night

What does he think, In that confused mind?

Does he have clear moments ?

Most likely he has lost his mind

Wondering the streets


Most of the time

Eventually he will be gone

No goodbyes

No sad tears

No one to say

“I will miss you Dear”

Soon there is another

Sitting in the park

Talking to the pigeons

And a few larks

by Renee Robinson

photo by Attila József, reblogged photo from

You might want to check his blog, there are many wonderful photos.