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Oak Tree

Nae's Nest —  March 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

It started out as a seed.

No one knew it was there

It planted itself. It was fulfilling a need

Slowly it began to grow

No one even noticed

Roots getting deep in the ground

It was just a matter of time

Soon if would be found

Its veins began to branch out

This was in the fall….

When the pain first hit, taking my breath along with it

What was wrong? What has happened?

I was taken to emergency

Treated with great care, with medical urgency

The seed made its announcement

Finally it had been found

It was growing inside of me

I was its common ground

No wonder this seedling stayed hidden

Hiding its hideous face

Finally growing so big and ugly

Taking up much of my colon space

It had to be uprooted, Along with some body parts

I underwent some grueling treatment

All those who know and love me

Suffer, with broken hearts

A few years have gone by

It seems some seed was left behind

Just when we think we have it beaten

It finds another place to hide

And so now I’ve gone from stage 1 to 4

I am a breath away from death’s  door

In spite of this, I’ve found comfort

As I was blessed with a vision

A seed was planted

I watched it grow

Into a grand old Oak

I reached out to touch the tree

The tree reached and touched me

And saw that my arm was a branch

And my feet were deeply rooted

I felt the strength of the tree

Soaring up inside of me

Tree of life, tree of knowledge

Protecting me, what a privilege

My feet firmly on the ground

Mother Earth’s energy all around

Fueling me up with new hope

Immersing me in new found Light

Helping me to continue to fight

It started out as a seed

It planted itself. It was fulfilling a need

I felt the strength of the tree

Soaring up inside of me

Reminding me of agape love

My eyes shift to heaven above

The Divine is always on my side

Unlike cancer which chooses to hide

No matter the outcome of my fight

Nothing will ever turn out light Light

Renee Robinson

Nature’s Song

Nae's Nest —  March 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

I was sitting under

A giant oak tree

Smelling the bark

Wondering its history

What did it hear?

How many centuries?

What has it seen?

Its branches swaying

Leaves rustling

Playfully tussling

A leaf will fall

Land on the ground

On top of an ant

Who can’t get around

I watch the ant

As he struggles

With the leaf

I move it aside

To the ant’s relief

So I watch the ant

Carrying a crumb

So much

Bigger than he

Is so amazing

Wonder whats his destiny?

Where is he going?

How far will it be?

Carrying a package

Much bigger than he?

Now I see a chipmunk

Cute little bugger is he

He seems to be

Completely oblivious

Of staring me

He plays with another

They look rather small

Maybe that’s his brother

Out to play in the fall

So much beauty

Often not seen

We are too busy

Within our own scene

Running all around

Doing this and that

Have to go here

Need to go there

There is no time

To sit here and stare

This is a luxury

I get to enjoy

It is my duty

To share the

Wonder and Joy

It is beautiful music

A grand symphony

It can be heard

As you run

Within the wind


To school

And to work

The music dances

While you run

Your step enhances

The beat of the music

You are part of the swing

We all come together

It is Nature’s dream

The bird and the trees

The squirrels

And the leaves

We are all part

Of this grand


It can be heard

While you run

In a hustle



And moving

In a bustle

Open your hears

As you run about

Hear what you

Are missing

Even if it is

A child’s shout

Noise is graffiti

Graffiti is art

Art is music

For which you

Are apart

The song of the wind

The choir of the birds

Woodwind trees

Branches sway

In the breeze

The bass of the frog

The buzz of bees

Even a child’s sneeze

Everything is

Where it belongs

We are all

Apart of

Nature’s Song

Listen to the words

See where you belong

Pick up the melody

Hum out the tune

You are a wonderfully


Happily needed

Part of

Nature’s Song

by Renee Robinson