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Darkness Comes

Nae's Nest —  January 8, 2012 — 1 Comment

Darkness Comes

Lethal bite to my neck

Sucking blood, it infects

Fighting a force

Much stronger than me

A fight to the death

Life’s history

Came upon me in the night

Handsome face, eyes bright

Evil villain, I didn’t know

As he claims me, my fear grows

Wrapping me inside his cloak

Heartbeats fast, I fear I’ll choke

Darkness comes and covers the sky

He spreads his wings

Takes off to fly

Snatching me up in his claws

Owning me under his law

Helpless I am under his attack

Evil opponent left me wracked

Too tired to fight, Let me be

Please Dear God, here my plea

by Renee Robinson