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Butterfly Waltz

Nae's Nest —  August 21, 2013 — Leave a comment


The willows string their bows

Birds, do-re-me

The bullfrog bass is ready

As wind sings in a breeze

It is the way of nature

She speaks  each day

Deep breathe brings her in

Allowing her to tune in the days

The beat of the earth is in check

Her pulse felt deep within her roots

Life connects the dots

From man to beast to fruits

A perfect world God has created

Nature’s signature is everywhere

Follow the butterflies when in flight

Waltzing upon the air

To the music all may hear

If only we take time to listen

Nature’s band always playing

It is but one of many blessings

Renee Robinson

Life’s Song

Nae's Nest —  February 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

Her final hour

She walked over to the chair

Leaning back, she softly sang

Of memories sweet

Softer and softer

Her voice grew

Until her song was complete

Out on a musical note

She enters into a kingdom

Her life’s song has moved on

Her body at rest

A smile on her lips

Her soul has been blessed

Renee Robinson


Two Souls, One life

Nae's Nest —  October 8, 2012 — 1 Comment

Their hearts sing

With the music in their souls

The notes floating around them

A lasso around two hearts

Pulling them together

With musical notes

Music of their own


Together, they dance, as one

A dance shared by two

A dance of the souls

A dance of their own


The music lifting them

Taking them away

Into a land created on a dream

A dream of two souls

A dream shared

A dream of their own


A lifetime together

A life flying by

Like musical notes

If only the years

Could be tied up in notes

Brought back in time

To live together again

One life shared by two

A life of their own


The souls will continue to dance

Stepping on to the clouds

Like Doves dancing to heaven

Two souls take flight

Two souls entwined as one

Dancing upward on the clouds

Into a land waiting for them

Dancing a dance of their own


The music lifting them

Taking them away

Into a land created on a dream

A dream of two souls

A dream shared

A dream of their own


Eternally, no more thought of time

Dancing happily to the music

Made by the souls

Two souls, one lifetime

Two souls, one dream,

Two souls, one song

Two souls, One eternity

Together again

Together forever

Together at last

Two souls, One love


They will  outlast

Renee Robinson


















Life’s Song

Nae's Nest —  October 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

Follow the music to a new season

A new beat of the drum

A new song to sing

A medley of spirit

Comes dancing in

My soul in harmony

With others before me

Softly a lullaby, I hear

The first and last rhyme

I ever heard

In anytime, anyplace,

Any world, any space

A tune of life

Destined for me

It carries my soul

It keeps me free

To soar on the notes

Of past, future and present

The rhythm of time

Music rich and pleasant

This song is for me

As it’s always been

Verse after verse

Fortelling my life

Beat after beat

Onward I march

To each new doorway

With each musical key

Awaits a new song

The tune of life

Destined for me

Renee Robinson

Witch Named Sally

Nae's Nest —  May 14, 2012 — 3 Comments


Feet beatin’

Toe tappin’


The lady…….

Knows her music

The lady…….

Slides….. to the notes

The lady……

Glows while she dances

The music…….

Sweet music

Is Jazz


It plays itself

Entrances all who hear

The music……….

Is Jazz

The lady ………

A witch named Sally

The spirit……..

Of songs

Lives in the valley

A witch’s garden

Growing music on the vines

Turning out……

The best singing wines


Feet beatin’

Toe tappin’


The lady…….

Knows her music

The lady…….

Slides….. to the notes

The lady……

Glows while she dances

The music…….

Sweet music

Is Jazz

 Renee Robinson

Musical Realm

Nae's Nest —  May 12, 2012 — 6 Comments

I polished my shoes

Dusted off the cd’s

The music is paying

It is calling me

Into a world

Of musical notes

Dancing, diving

Next stanza, floats

Twirling around

Musical frenzy

Building up speed

This song is for me

A lifetime of music

Brilliantly played

Slow dance and fast

Love is displayed

Generations of notes

History plays on

My chorus is singing

My time dances on

Up with the notes

Down for the rhyme

Every moment enjoyed

Zest of a life that’s mine

Small I may be

In this musical realm

But loved just the same

Spirits foretell

Finding my place

My own special note

The part of life’s song

The spirits wrote

Just for my soul

My spiritual being

Preparing me

For my next ring

The ring of life

Circle unbroken

Blessed by God

A new door opens

Follow the notes

The song within

It will lead you

Show you the way

They key to life’s music

Just a song away

Renee Robinson

Thank you Naomi. Our conversation inspired this piece.

Wild Blue

Nae's Nest —  April 29, 2012 — 4 Comments

Magical flame

Calls out my name

A wild blue dance

Shall never be tame

We are alike

The flame and I

We both enjoy

Our wild side

Hypnotic flames

Drawing me in

Sharing wonderful

Stories of me

We are alike

The flame and I

We both enjoy

Story time

Wondrous flame

Centuries old

The beginning of time

History unfold

The flame’s embers

The root of time

Orange, green and blue

Nature’s design

A thing of beauty

Providing such warmth

Protects from evil

From danger, it warns

Use with caution

Take great care

Saving it is

But users beware!

Fire is life

Death it is too

Deserving respect

For all it can do

Dancing flame

Show of burning colors

Blazing music

Is it felt by others?

I hear the music

Flickering chimes

Crying with the wind

A ghostly rhyme

Renee Robinson

Memories Of Tomorrow

Nae's Nest —  April 20, 2012 — 4 Comments

My heart aches

Unable to concentrate

Teardrops falling wetting my cheeks

My heart cries and it leaks

Looking at a tear, I see you

Encased inside, constant reminder

I do not know what to do

Memories of all the things we have not done

Riding horses and camping fun

So many reflections reminders of you

In my heart forever tucked away

Clinging to loving memories of yesterday


If you have faith in God, you have faith in us

Open the door to your heart,  allow me in

Can you easily evict me, as if we had never been?

The door to my heart is left open wide

Hoping you will come back walking inside

Unable to see a life without you

Unable to breath when I imagine I do


The song of our hearts

An orchestra with notes in perfect pitch

Directed by God,  our song is rich

How can you deny what He has orchestrated?

Without you the music dies

Turned to tears,  the notes cry

In tune with my tears

In rhythm with my heart

How do I stop the music

Without stopping

My heart

Renee Robinson

Song Of Our Star

Nae's Nest —  April 12, 2012 — 2 Comments

The stars sing a special song
Only heard by spiritual ones
Musical tunes purest heard
I sing to my lover, word for word
Our star, designed for us
Telling the story of our love
We met in a dream long ago
Music was  sweet and slow
Star Keeper is my role
In love with a mortal, down below
I have a star created for him
A special light bright and trim
I have a cloud, I call home
Here for me, when my time had come
I do hope he finds another 
I don’t want him to suffer
It is hard to live alone
We need love found in poems
I love him enough to let him go
But his star will always show
Gentle reminders of our love
Giving him comfort from above
With a shine and a twinkle a nod and a sparkle
Softly singing the song of our star
Waiting for him to come afar
by Renee Robinson

Swallows Sing

Nae's Nest —  April 11, 2012 — 4 Comments

As long as I can hear

The notes your heart plays

My body dances

In spirit with yours

No matter where you are

My heart will follow

Will sing to you

The song of the swallow

The swallow’s wings

Rhythmic beat

Soothing, sensual


Soaring to you

Wherever you may go

My heart always

Letting you know

Our song mates

The notes entwine

Sexual dance

Sensual in time

A lover’s dance

Belonging to us

The melody

Creating a lust

Music heightens

Reaching a stanza

Tempo running fast

Reaching a peak

The notes erect

The music explodes

The pounding of the keys

Slowing down, exhausted

The ivories sleep

Until the next time

The Swallow sings

by Renee Robinson