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Nae's Nest —  March 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

She knows not her fate.  She went willingly on a blindate.  All she knew was he liked Goth and Hip-hop.  She knows him from Facebook, so what could go wrong?  She left no address no forwarding phone.  She is a woman, not some girl in her teens.  Nothing will happen, so why do you scream?

OMG, she thought.  I am the one who screams.  I am awake, this is not a dream.  I met him here, in a dark faraway place.  I thought for a party, but I am disgraced.  I am held captive, I am being raped.  Not just by him, but by anyone with some cash to scrape.

I need to close my eyes, I want to lay down and die.  What have I done?  Leave me alone!  Let me go, I cry and cry!  I have been cracked.  I will die.  How could I have been so stupid?  How could I have fallen for his lie?

I barely knew him.  We had so many friends in common.  Well, on Facebook..I am such a moron!  I never thought this would happen to me.  I thought I had it under control, see!  No one knows where I am.  I went out, I left, on a whim-wham!  I have walked into my death.  Trapped into rape until used up, then I will be disposed of, killed or maimed.  How could I have been so lame?

Oh no, here comes another one.  I can not do this anymore.  Please, Dear Lord, I pray.  Please take me away.  Somewhere peaceful, and soothing.  Someplace pleasant and moving.

This is the place.  My happy place.  My side of heaven.  Please let me in, God I embrace.  I close my eyes, I draw my last breath.

Murder isn’t so bad, when followed by death.

by Renee Robinson

Lay 25, His Highness Furious!

Nae's Nest —  February 13, 2012 — 1 Comment


Sources, who shall remain nameless, state his Royal Highness King Shelldon is  on the rampage since the kidnapping of granddaughter,  the Royal Eggthenia.  His Highness offers 20 of his finest  horses to whomever slays the dragon and returns the Royal Egg to the Royal Palace safely.