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Nae's Nest —  April 10, 2012 — 2 Comments

Poor little fellow, he's hiding from the poachers.

Sweet little baby
Barely 10 days old
Nursing from his mother
Within the herd, he enfolds
He’s learning about lions
Cheetahs and hyenas
To fear and respect
To hide and protect
Quietly nursing
Mama pulls away
A loud CRACK!
Mama drops to lay
Baby so confused
Frozen in fear
Aunt Suzie comes along
Back to the fold, she steers
They will kill anything
Poachers are here
Today it’s the elephants
Tomorrow, the deer
Killing for pelts
Tusks and horns 
Any sex, any age
Trophies to be adorned
Bodies left dead
Babies without mothers
Mothers with no babies
And so many others
Majestic creatures
We should respect
Becoming extinct
Due to our neglect
by Renee Robinson

The picture attached does not match the poem.  However, when I looked at this whimsical picture, for some reason, my first thought was–” he needs his mother to teach him how to survive.  If she is gone, he is a vulnerable, melting, shivering ice cream sunday.  Easy target to be devoured.”
I suppose the this dark thought came to me because, it just so happened I read a blog this morning with an article about poaching.  If you are interested in reading this article the address is:   We are the voice for these wonderful creatures.  Let them hear us ROAR!