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City Blue

Nae's Nest —  November 15, 2012 — 4 Comments

I never knew the city was blue

I wonder how that could be?

All the restaurants and bar room parties

Loud music and Long Island Iced Tea

It seems everyone is happy and carefree

Living the high life

What else could a city want?

But there she is, crying in the dark

Rain flooding her gutters

She is cold and stark

Under her blue lights

I look to see

A man, alone without a party

Cold in the rain, in the gutter

Alone, his life not so hardy

Underneath the blue lights of the city

No wonder the city cries, it is such a sad site

The shelter house was full, turning him away

Leaving him without a place  for the night

He had nowhere to go, nowhere to stay

Beaten and cold, no one who cares

He sits on a bench at the bus stop

This will be his bed for the night

Until he is shooed away by a cop

Maybe by then rain will have stopped

He has been beaten by a group of kids

Sore,bruised, hurting in his ribs

And so the life of this poor man

Every day pours with rain

The act of living is a strain

Fighting to survive

A struggle to live

Wondering whether his life

He should give

Tired and broken down

He is giving up, he lays down

Closes his eyes for the last time

He drinks poison, instead of booze

His final sleep, under the moon

In the rain

Wet and cold

Renee Robinson

Naes Nest on July 9, 2012 at 12:50 am said:This is an amazing story. I am a former Patient Rights Director for the elderly. Basically, I was the person who would fight for the rights of someone, like this man, who were unable to do so for themselves. I am both happy and relieved this man is finally getting the care he needs. I often came across stories similar to his. If just goes to show the old saying is true “You never know what goes on behind closed doors.”

via Squatter Equals Headache II.

Above is my response to the story “Squatter Equals Headache II”.  I also posted the original story for your reference.  Sometimes, when a door is opened a monster is found in the closet.  However, oftentimes a helpless old man may be in there trying to get out.  It goes to show, one should check and see what is hanging in the closet.    You never now what you will find.

Shirley McLain is a wonderful writier.  I encourage you to “open the door” to her blog and check out what she has to read at

PS:  The door to the heart is my favorite door.  I hope it is yours too.


Squatter Equals Headache II

Squatter Equals Headache.

I read this back when it was originally posted.  With my background of working with the elderly, this story particularly touched and concerned me.  I decided to share it with all of you.

This is the original posting, which I will follow up with the result.  I have been following Shirley McLain for a good while now and I do enjoy her musings.  Check out the rest of her blog at  xxxox Nae

Squatter Equals Headache


Nae's Nest —  March 18, 2012 — 7 Comments

The photographer's name is Attila József

We walk past

Homeless man

We ignore

If we can

Did he fall on hard times?  No one to love, No one to care,  Did he live a life of crime?

Did he choose to live this way?  Sitting in gutters, Living in boxes, Begging from others?

Is it possible he is ill?  Mentally confused, Needing some help, But all refused?

Perhaps he is gentle


and kind

Had a good life

At one time

Is he hungry and tired?  No longer has a bed, Or a hot meal,  How does he feel?

My heart cries for him

Such a sad sight

Alone and depressed

Night after night

What does he think, In that confused mind?

Does he have clear moments ?

Most likely he has lost his mind

Wondering the streets


Most of the time

Eventually he will be gone

No goodbyes

No sad tears

No one to say

“I will miss you Dear”

Soon there is another

Sitting in the park

Talking to the pigeons

And a few larks

by Renee Robinson

photo by Attila József, reblogged photo from

You might want to check his blog, there are many wonderful photos.