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A Home by the River

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A Home by the River.

I wonderful post from Coffee and Spellcheck

Cats Rule

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I’m telling Mom when she gets home, Fluffy.  You’re gonna get it.


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                                                                The water is clear

                                                                   Spring flowers

                                                                        In the air

                                                                       Sleepy eye

                                                               Lulled by the water

                                                                   Soon to sleep

                                                             With the butterflies

                                                                  My reflection

                                                                          I see

                                            No! no! It isn’t me.  A spirit.  In the water.

                                                  No wait!  Someone, is behind me!

                                                            Something isn’t right

                                                                    She’s evil


                            She’s after men she cannot have.  She has me in a spell,

                                           She has my man, I have the meadow


                                                            Stripped of love


                                                       I am colorful, I can fly

                                       Such a beautiful place, a beautiful witch,

                                                       A spell cast upon me

                                                     A beautiful butterfly

                                                                  Am I

                                                                                                              by Renee Robinson

Lay 106, No Mommy!

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No Mommy! Noooooo!  I don’t wanna come out!  I wan’t to stay in my shell!

 Mommy, don’t you see?  Everything in here was designed just for me.

The sky is blue, the air is clean, making me leave here would be downright mean!

Why would you want me to come out?

Please, Mommy.  Will you keep me safe?

by Renee Robinson


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Someone needs to tell these poor, low-esteem fellows not to be “green” with envy.  None of them know, including Mr. Happy Pants, what his future holds.  Soon he will be doing the backstroke through someone’s poop shoot.  Happy Easter!

Rainbow Arches

Nae's Nest —  March 27, 2012 — 2 Comments

Nature’s highlights shining bright

Every morning, noon and night

Like a rainbow’s shining hues

Vibrant start when its new

Fading slowly until no more

Complete circle, closing door

Alpha, omega, birth to grave

A shade we live, day by day

Violet is first step we take

A newborn crying as he wakes

Time stands still when so young

Games we play and have such fun

Growing fast soon to fly

Spreading wings across the sky

Happily we cross this line

Blue this passage into time

Soon to marry, childhood ends

Excited as this phase beings

New car, new house, how exciting

Baby due, so surprising

Pre-school, baseball, high school too

Moving toward another hue

Nest is empty, children grown

Time to adjust, quiet home

Son to marry, new page rolled

Time is cherished, memories old

Scrapes and bruises and stubbed toes

Plush and green as life goes

A generation starts anew

Time goes by, how it flew

Now I’m grandma, who would have guessed

How delightful, I am blessed

Baby cradled in my arms

Man soon grows, full of charm

In the mirror, looking old

Another phase, yellow and gold

Time continues, it marches on

Like a cadence in a song

The years of color continue to roll

Pages turned, chapters  unfold

Rainbow arches full of color

One day bright, gray is another

Nature’s highlights shining bright

Every morning, noon and night

Fading slowly until no more

Complete circle, closing door

Alpha, omega, birth to grave

A shade we live, day by day

by Renee Robinson

Running Through Life

Nae's Nest —  March 27, 2012 — 3 Comments

Running through…Can’t stop now

Excuse me, please! Look, I am in a hurry Buster! Move it or lose it!


My God! What is wrong with these people?

Always in the way!

Always wanting something

Always asking, can we do this?


Yes, yes, yes


They are my kids

I just don’t have the time now

I am in a hurry


In a hurry for what?

Well, I have to be at work

I have to get the phone

I have to make these appointments

I have to get a loan


Well, I don’t know

How do you suggest I do it?

How do I slow down?

The kids will be there tomorrow

I will make plans with them then

You know, when I am not so busy


I am just too busy to be with you

I am too busy to care

Too busy to give you time

Too busy to share

Always on a run

Always needed elsewhere

Making you feel second best

Making you feel like less

Running here

Running there

But getting nowhere

Another birthday

Another play

Another concert

Another day

Yesterday you were small

Today your are grown

Tomorrow you are gone


My God! What is wrong with Mom?

Always in the way!

Always wanting something

Always asking, can we do this?


Where did it go?

When did it happen?

Now you are busy

Too busy for me

Never coming to visit

Never time to call

I am here all alone

I ran through my life

Now the job has come and gone

What happened to my life?

Willow In The Tree

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The man in the moon

Gets all of the attention

Seen by all

Gains him population

But I much prefer

The Willow in my tree

She sways and sings softly

Tunes just for me

No noisy traffic

No blaring horns

Just me

Under the willow

Feeling forlorn

Enjoying her shade

Given joyfully each day

Enjoying the nap

As lazily she sways

Lulling me to sleep

In a hammock built for two

Gently we will sleep

As we listen to the tune

Her branches singing out

In the soft summers breeze

A sweet lullaby

I accept with such



by Renee Robinson


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Is it really worth a little tail?

I love my daddy

Nae's Nest —  March 21, 2012 — 6 Comments

I see Daddy

Mommy is hurt

I’m so scared

Blood on her shirt


It was my fault

We were eating dinner

I had a blue ribbon

I was a winner

I was happy

I won a race

For the first time

For my project on space

I talked at the table, Daddy got mad

“You broke a command” He started to shout


Cuz I’m not allowed, To speak when we eat, But I was so happy


 Now I’ll be beat


Mommy tried to stop him

So he beat Mommy

All my fault

Cuz she tried to save me


But I was so excited

Over a stupid ribbon

I forgot the rule

I’ll never be forgiven


So many commands

More than God’s

Daddy says he’s better

Cuz he has more laws


I don’t know

What to think

I pray to God

Under the sink


But he always finds me

Daddy is cruel

Beats me so bad

I sometimes miss school


Mommy says keep praying

She’s saving money

With God’s help

We’ll runaway

Tonight’s the night

We’re gonna run

To a shelter

Go underground

In the ground?

I am frightened

But Daddy’s worse

Fast as lightenin’


But Mommy says

It’s not “underground”

It means hiding

I think fooling around?

It sounds fun now

A trip we are taking

Safe from Daddy

I’m no longer shaking


Please, Dear God,Take us far away


I love my daddy


But we just can’t stay

by Renee Robinson