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Windmill Day

Nae's Nest —  December 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

Nae's Nest:

It seems I have a theme today….historical and beautiful windmills of our past. This article is from The Daily Cupcake at Enjoy

Originally posted on The Daily Cupcake:

On a day when wind is blasting through the windows, it seems appropriate to celebrate the windmill.  So, Happy Windmill Day everyone!

Land’s lighthouses, windmills are rich with tradition.  They are timeless, historic, and always seem to have a story to tell.  Cervantes certainly agreed as the most famous tale belongs to Don Quixote and his head tilting ways.  Or there’s the lesser known but equally entertaining Moonspinners (the Mary Stewart novel or Hayley Mills movie, you choose).

Turns out, neither Cervantes’ Spain nor Stewart’s Greece is the windmill’s home country.  The honor belongs to . . . . . any guesses? 

Egypt.  Seriously. 

Egyptians in Alexandria harnessed windmill power in 1st century thanks to the work of mathematician Heron.  Sure, Egypt inspires images of pyramids, but who would have thought windmills too? 

By the 10th century, Persia and China picked up on the idea, using horizontal windmills to pump water and grind grain. 

The vertical…

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Ok, Maybe I am a little too excited, maybe a little too anxious.  It’s my first egg.