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Protect your fertility, ladies, thank your for the info Healthland

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For young people diagnosed with cancer, infertility is one of the most devastating potential side effects of treatment. Historically, especially for women, who have more complex reproductive tracts than men, there wasn’t much to do about this sobering reality. But over the past few years, a new field called oncofertility has raised awareness about new technological advances and the importance of offering patients the choice to preserve their fertility via many of the same techniques used by couples who have trouble getting pregnant.

Fertility preservation has allowed countless cancer survivors to build families after the fact, relying upon frozen embryos, eggs or sperm. There’s research being done on maturing ovarian follicles outside the body with the hope that one day soon, viable eggs can be coaxed forth. And in 2010, the first U.S. baby was born from frozen ovarian tissue that his mother had transplanted back into her body after…

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