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Plucking Feathers

Nae's Nest —  January 5, 2012 — 1 Comment


Plucking feathers

One at a time

Exposing the flesh

Accused of crime

We must conform

All be the same

Or find yourself

Plucked and going insane

Must adhere to

The great pecking order

Going against the grain

Is a disorder

Don’t share your religion

Or color outside the box

Must all be the same

From the same flock

Violators will be pecked

Of all of their feathers

Accused of great crimes

For their endeavors

Only the strong survive!

The weak must be demolished!

If you refuse to conform,

You shall be abolished!

Daring to be different

Will cause great indignities

You shall pay for your crimes

Be robbed on your identity

The sick shall be cast out

Along with the old

This world has no use for them

They are kicked out of the fold

They shall be sent

To a faraway land

Left there to starve

In the desert sand

Daring to be different

Is not worth the price

You are much better off

Taking my advice

Plucking feathers

Tearing your flesh

Is a high price

Tearing of flesh

And feather’s plucked

For being so foolish

You just got F@#*ED!!!

by Renee Robinson

The Dragon

Nae's Nest —  December 30, 2011 — 1 Comment

 The dragon has many faces, Too many to paint, Feeding on flesh, Invisible traces, Stealing a life, The kiss of death, Concealed in many places

 The dragon’s breath, Burns deep in the flesh, Fingering out, Hiding in crevices, Waiting to strike, No telling where, No telling when, It has the advantage, It’s armor strong, It’s numbers great, Gaining ground as it grows

 The dragon’s tongue flicks the shoulders, Ever so gentle, Just a breath, Undetectable, Barely noticeable

Life continues as it always has, The world goes round, Time goes by , Soon the dragon climbs on top, The dragon gains ground, Clinging to its host, Wearing its victim down

Life continues as it always has, The world goes round, Time goes by , The host is tired, Needing to rest, Takes a nap, No protest

Dragon digs claws in deep, Causing pain, Needing relief, Seeing reflection, Do not recognize, The creature staring back, With it’s red eyes

The dragon is you, The dragon is me, The dragon is the present, Needing a history, Demolish it’s future, Taking it away, Casting it out, The dragon is slayed

 by Renee Robinson