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The Paws Claus

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Introducing my first children’s book, including full color graphics, The Paws Claus. This is the first of a Holiday Series. Allow your child to read the experiences of Spooky and Boo as they learn about the holidays and enjoy for the first time.

As all kittens, they are mischievous and often funny.  For an original touch, I’ve included coloring pages depicting the characters. These are found in the last chapter of the hardback and paperback.

The Paws Claus, Holiday Series. Book 1 The Great Star

Spooky and Boo are 6 week old kittens who live happily with their mama and Lily. The only hook in their fish is Old Man Groush. Mama tries to explain why Groush is the way he is and why they must behave. She has her paws full keeping the kits out of his way.

The playful and inquisitive kittens do try to be good for Mama and Lily. Not only is Old Man Groush’s anger faster than the speed of light, the tiniest things can set his jets into orbit.

Something happens which leaves the kitten frightened and alone on Christmas Eve. Soon they meet an alleycat who reluctantly invites them to stay the night with him until they figure out what to do.


I love the brilliant colors and shape. The tiny green dots look as if they could glow like Christmas lights.

This is a microscopic image a 2 cancer cells splitting and dividing soon to become 4.

Looks can sure be misleading.  Sometimes the good-looking package on the outside is cleverly concealing a deathly venomous inside.


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This sounds like something I would do….heeheehee

Dear God, Tell Santa I’ve been good.

wink. wink.


So Thrilled

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Baby Polar Bears

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Baby Polar Bears

Baby Polar Bears.

Baby Polar Bears

Baby Polar Bears

Pieces of Heaven

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So many colors

Which way do I go

So many questions

Which way? I don’t know

Can someone lead me

Show me the way

Take my hand

Before I’m astray

It isn’t too late

As long as I have breath

I want to see with new eyes

Before my death

While I am here

On this blessed land

For the first time to see

Here where I stand

Follow the colors

Which one do I choose?

Does it matter

Will I be refused?

Is one evil

Death eternal

Spiritual bondage

Fires infernal

Which one is it

How do I choose

So many pieces

I am so confused

I follow the light

But there is more than one

Which one is true?

Which is the Son?

To fight off the fire

My faith needs fueled

The colors of the sun

So easily fooled

The moon is cool

The color is pure

Perhaps this piece

Is the one preferred

God will lead me

Heaven I will go

Just like a peak

I’d just like to know

Like a child at Christmas

Too excited to wait

Opening a present

This time a gate

Heaven’s door

The mystical portal

I want to take a peak

Inside life immortal

I’d like to know

What awaits us there

I’d like to tell

I’d love to share

To tell all I love

The beauty that awaits

The wonderful place

Behind spiritual gates

I guess I must wait

Like everyone else

But after I am gone

My spirit will tell

If you only listen

And think of me

I will send you a message

Telling all I see

Renee Robinson





Lay 5, ….Back To school

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Mrs. Shell's Class

Parents are eggstatic as the kids return to school after a long, long, long Christmas Vacation.  Too bad the same can not be said for our little yolks.  Many left for school kicking and screaming all the way.

Candy Apple Dream

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Candy Apple Dream

Are you a candy apple dream?

On a cloud, you drift

Making marshmallow promises,

An empty gift?

Will you be a memory

Melting away

Will you come for me,

Some sweet day?

Peppermint dropped into my life

Tying my heart into a bow

Entrusted to you for a gift

Making my world glow

Chocolate kisses on my lips

You want me to be your wife

Drifting on marshmallow clouds

Starting our new life

Promised me a gingerbread house

Spending our lives together

Taking me to candy cane land

Where we will love each other

Are you a candy apple dream?

Will you be a memory?

Making marshmallow promises,

Will you ever come for me?

by Renee Robinson

Winter Butterfly

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Winter Butterfly

Thank God for the Winter Butterfly

With its beauty, graces the sky

Trees that are bare, grass gone brown

Winter butterfly drifting around

Gently it flows in its winter grace

A soft cool kiss, floating in space

No two are alike, each one unique

Reminding us of life, nature’s beauty boutique

Its life is short, delicately made

As it melts, its beauty fades

Of life’s gift, it gently reminds

To be cherished through all time

Winter Butterfly kissing my cheek

Nipping my nose and chilling my feet

A blessing from God, in Heaven above

Fragile reminder of the gift of love

by Renee Robinson

Stolen Identity

December 22, 2011

Dear Diary,

Once again I find myself in gut clenching turmoil as I await results to see whether the cancer has spread.  My CEA (Carcinoembryoic Antigen) level has shot from an 1.6 average up over 33.3.

I will have a PET Scan tomorrow to see if the cancer has spread.  I have had several “recurring” cancer scares now.  I suppose it is something I will have to deal with the rest of my life.

Is it possible for one to get “used” to this?  I imagine this “game” feels much like playing Russian Ruelet.  Sooner or later, the hammer is going to strike.  One can only dodge the bullet for so long.

I will not have the results of the PET Scan until Tuesday.  Wow…that sounds so far away.  The holiday is the reason for the extra long wait.

Time stands still again.  When in sorrow time moves very slowly.  When in joy, it moves much too

fast.  When you think of it that way….Life really isn’t fair.  Just like my Mom used to always tell me when I would cry so certain my life was coming to an end (ah…the teenage mind).  Life Just Isn’t Fair.