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Ok, Maybe I am a little too excited, maybe a little too anxious.  It’s my first egg.

Lay 116, Easter Training

Nae's Nest —  April 4, 2012 — 1 Comment

Here at the Easter Egg Farm, it is never too early to begin Bunny Bootcamp.  All able chicks are enrolled into the camp to learn the art of laying picture perfect Easter Eggs.  They learn how to avoid certain food, stress factors and other things which inhibit good quality egg and color

The bunnies are enrolled into a grueling training which last the entire year.  It is necessary to make sure we have plenty of Easter
Bunnies in stock in case the current Bunny should get run over.

Grabbed By The Tale

Nae's Nest —  March 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

Poor old Easter Bunny is taken for granted

He’s been around so many years

he  no longer can hear

Poor old rabbit 

still hopping the bunny trail

He is so happy to do it

though he is old and frail

 Just last Easter he was attacked  

Poor old fella tried to fight back

The wolf was big and he was mean

The biggest fangs you’ve ever seen

The rumor goes

Bunny was running behind

He took a shortcut to save on time

He came upon a tree on his trail

He tried to move it

but he failed

Though he knew he shouldn’t  

off the path he veered

He prayed he would be safe from all the beasts he feared

Slowly he hopped the lonely trail

It wasn’t long

he was pulled by the tail

A wolf with fangs

the biggest he’d ever seen

Preparing to eat Bunny

and he sure looked mean

Though Bunny is slow

his mind is still fast

He began to tell Wolf all about his past

“Why I recall you when you were just a cub

I brought you some treats and you gave me a big hug”

Bunny went on

weaving this tale

Doing his very best to save his own tail

“You were the runt of a big litter 

Constantly teased by other critters

You’re soul was sad but your shell was kind

Though tormented

you never cried nor whined

You were so young

barely able to walk

You’re eyes just opened

but you had yet to talk”

Wolf was enthralled by Bunny’s tale

He began to walk with Bunny

still gripped by the tail

Bunny continued with his grand story

soon dear Wolf was basking in glory

Bunny remembers every kid

chick and cub  

His heart is big and full of love

Wolf could see this as Bunny told his tale

He couldn’t eat Bunny

he even tried and failed

A tear came to Wolf’s eye

 and it wasn’t very long before he truly cried

He told Bunny he was very sad

he loved Bunny and hoped he wasn’t mad

Bunny said:

“Wolf, what you did was not wrong 

It is the way of life

it is Nature’s Song

Some nibble on clover

others on meat 

We can not question why

we only need to eat

I am happy you will let me loose

you’re belly is empty

I think you could eat a moose!”

Wolf looks at Bunny

while licking his lips

his mouth wide open

he gives Bunny a nip!

“Is best not to remind me of my belly

or I will start to dream of you

covered in jelly”

Bunny blushed and gave Wolf a wink

“I’ve been eating onions

so my breath stinks”

Wolf looked at Bunny rather confused

It took some time for the comment to infuse

When it did

he laughed hard

flailing his arms

Bunny was alarmed

Wolf smelled Bunny’s breath

and said “It does stink!”

You are safe now

“I’m laughing so hard

I can’t even think!”

Wolf offered to help Bunny out

Bunny agreed

but said

“To be safe

we’d better feed your snout.”

Wolf chuckled and was pleased 

Hard boiled eggs put his hunger at ease

Very few know Bunny is immortal

though he grows old

he will never cross the portal

Bunny told Wolf

as they hid eggs  

Wolf still carried Bunny

to ease his old legs

From that day on

Wolf worked for Bunny 

They were great friends

chipper and funny

Bunny made sure Wolf’s tummy was full

 No use taking chances and being a fool

Wolf is a secret

for they both feared

all of the little ones would be scared

So if you ever see a wolf and bunny



and acting funny

Please keep the secret and look away

if you ever should see them someday

by Renee Robinson


Lay 53, Quack!

Nae's Nest —  February 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

Suddenly I feel like a sitting duck

The is hunter drawing me in

I hope for a date with a hunk

He hopes to devour my tender chunks

I paddle my feet upon the pond

Hoping Daffy Duck will come along

I hear a mate calling my name

A sweet midnight serenade

What’s that?

I think I heard a cough?

Someone in a hat?

Quack! Quack! Quack!

I paddle for all I’m worth

To my nest, I must get back!

The things we do to get a mate

Risking life and limb just for a date

I should quit and become a nun

But I will be back

With the rising sun

The quack of love

Calling me in ever gently

Promising love, laughter

And ducklings

Lay 52, Chicken!

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Lay 40, Easter Egg Shortage!

Nae's Nest —  February 23, 2012 — 6 Comments

It seem more than half of this years Easter Egg crop has hatched prematurely.  It is not yet known, what triggered the hatching of the eggs.  With Easter only a few days away, it is no none whether the shortage can be met on time.  Volunteers will be excepted and dyed free.

A battle lost, A life moves on

Nae's Nest —  December 14, 2011 — 1 Comment

One of the chicks has left the nest

A friend lost his battle with cancer last night. I can’t express how news like this pains me. We walked together down this path. However, he was guided in a different direction. My thoughts, love and prayers go out to his loved ones.