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Shoot me now if

  1. If I grow granny whiskers so thick, my grandchildren think I am grandpa.
  2. When I lay on my back, my boobs disappear in my armpits.
  3. If I am able to tuck my boobs into my pants
  4. If my butt cheeks sags so low the back of my knees can’t be seen
  5. If butt cheeks get wet in the commode
  6. If my butt cheeks need a bra

Gravity was created simply to humiliate us when we reach old age.  I figure God sits in a rocking chair and laughs himself silly as he sees these things transpire.  All of you, God included, would get a big kick out of the “naughty” things gravity does to our sexual side.  I suppose I shouldn’t list those out.  We will just have to leave it to the imagination.–by Renee Robinson

I am not the author of Dr. Seuss’ wonderful poem, but oh! so fitting it is.