4 best online games available today

Many people now are addicted to PC games. Now there are many online games also available. These games give you a sense of competition, so you never get bored actually. Some of the games are free too. Here are the best online games available now.


Cool Math Games

It is a golf game with beautiful golf courses. These are short golf courses, so you won’t get bored. The courses have small ski slopes, herds of sheep, lily pads, and whatever you can imagine in a beautiful setting. Each course seems different and so the game becomes challenging.

Tanki Online

In this game, you will need to destroy as many tanks as possible. There are interesting features like freeze gun or dual shot to kill the enemies. You can move in one way and shoot the other way as the turret rotates while being separate from its base.

Spelunky HTML 5

Games for Gamers

In this game, you will collect loots in various underground tunnels. There are many obstacles like traps, enemies, etc. The game is addictive and very challenging.



It is a free online multiplayer role-playing game. It has more than 200 million registered players. The game is set in a medieval setting. There are goblins, queens, dragons, etc. You need to fight, trade and play with other players. This game is highly addictive.

These games can be played with other players online, making the experience more fun. You will be able to spend some good time playing these games when you have nothing better to do.

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