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Life looks at me

I look at life

Life has all the power

I have hope

Life wrenches it hands

Around my throat

Struggle for my next breath

Fear fills my lungs

Coughing and choking

Life is no fun

Choking on life

Swallow it down

Keep it inside

Deep in my lungs

Breathing it in

Not letting it go

Life may have me

But I have life

by Renee Robinson


Akermans Art

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Incredibly beautiful


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This is a purely fictitious photograph. No men were maimed, beaten, murdered, or eaten.

I feel I need to establish, the last few postings are purely fiction which was inspired by something I saw on TV last.  A woman, also with cancer, had to go through something like this.  It ended up crying and blowing my nose.

Since I was able to relate to the woman with cancer, and a few other things in the movie, it infuriated me!  Ah!  I am overly passionate, but I suppose, if I weren’t, I would not be able to write!

by Renee Robinson

Sing Like A Canary

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I will sing like a canary

Just a warning

If pushed to my limit

By a second class tramp

I have a marriage permit

We have many

People in common

To kick at me

Is kicking them

I am weak

Fighting for my life

I don’t need this

Such a lowlife

Our friends

Will come to my aide

If you do not


Go away

by Renee Robinson

Ugly Ho

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Cancer or the Ho?

You both said you didn’t want to hurt me

Talked about how I am in the next room

Kind of hard to talk

Better go outside

Talked about my illness

Did you want me to die?

Or better yet

To hurry up and die?

I will live

If only for spite

You do not know me

I will fight

I will not lay down

Allow you to walk

All over me

You will take a hike

Nothing but a sleaze

I know it all

Seen it all

He spilled his beans

Lowly ho

Can’t find her own man

I will stay away

If she does the same

Don’t mess with me

I tend to be “insane”

Got it, “Cutie”?

by Renee Robinson


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Erased from mind, body and soul

He was in my arms last night

We do more than just sleep

As he is mine everynight

In a flash

You were tossed

Like a click

Of a button

Sleazy cum

Sleazy go

No more calls

No more talks

No more dreams

You are deleted

From his life


Never happened

I have his name

You have nothing

by Renee Robinson

Nae's Nest:

This is another photo I have found today, that tells me a story

Originally posted on Zave Smith Photography:

Zave Smith Joins Workbook, Lands a Photo Shoot Within 3 Hours

Posted by Workbook on 03/06/2012 — Filed under: Features, Headline, Interviews, Photography

Zave Smith is a brand new Workbook Photographer. He just created his portfolio last week and saw positive results pretty quickly…

So you really landed a photo shoot within hours of setting up your portfolio?

My portfolio became active at 7:00 p.m. last Tuesday, and at 9:30 I received an email inquiry from an ad agency in central New Jersey. The art buyer said she saw my portfolio and wanted to talk with me about shooting a series of portraits of their staff. This just happened last week so we are still working out the details on this assignment. Right after I received that inquiry, feeling very lucky, I drove over to the Chester Casino and put all of my savings on black. I really need…

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Subjective Beauty

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Nae's Nest:

Wonderful photo, it tells me a story. Inspiring

Originally posted on A hobby photographer and LaPerm owner:

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Robotic zombies bottled up in time

Open a bottle, pour like a wine

Slightly aged, basically the same

Spite, distrust and lies

Sweetened for the flies

The flies will eat on anything

Not caring what it is

A chain of hate starts

The maggots hatch

In black hearts

Made to hurt

The weak and the poor

Cowards they are

To be deplored

Through the centuries

Always the same

Stamp out the weak

Destroy the maimed

Like a Genie

Stored in a bottle

A stone graveyard

Heartless zombies

They are

by Renee Robinson