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Lay 6, Tradegy Strikes

Nae's Nest —  February 9, 2012 — 2 Comments

Tragedy Strikes


Tragedy strikes at 145 Eggston Street last night with the gruesome murder of Eggbert Fry.  Fry was cracked wide open with a skewer while leaving a strip club.  It is believed Fry was highly intoxicated.  He was at the club with 2 friends, seen here.  Previous to leaving the club, witnesses say he was fighting with an unidentified egg.   Officers are scrambling on the case while the pan is still hot.



Lay 5, ….Back To school

Nae's Nest —  February 9, 2012 — 3 Comments

Mrs. Shell's Class

Parents are eggstatic as the kids return to school after a long, long, long Christmas Vacation.  Too bad the same can not be said for our little yolks.  Many left for school kicking and screaming all the way.

Lay of The Day

Lay of the day,  January 13, 2012

I choose an egg because I am somewhat scrambled. Running here, going there…yet somehow not getting anywhere.

I am always over-easy.  Easy to laugh, easy to cry, easy to talk to, and easy in bed, oops- I mean fry.

Sunny-side-up is my greatest treasure.  My yolks loose and free, such a pleasure.

Sometimes I am a bit hard-boiled.  Stubborn and hard to crack, but usually somewhat runny and will give you a playful whack.

My deviled eggs are the best.  I am a little devil with a whole lot of zest.

By the end of the year, my nest will be full. Wow! That is a lot of laying. My rooster will smile and strut around, happy with all the playing.

by Renee Robinson

The Daily Lay

A precious baby girl

Born on day 1

Beautiful as they come

But a rough delivery

She held tight to her shell

Not wanting to come out

My sweet baby chick

Made me worried and sick

But all is good now

She is sleeping well

I am exhausted

And will rest a spell

by Renee Robinson

Don’t Feed The Souls

Nae's Nest —  February 9, 2012 — 2 Comments

“Don’t Feed The Souls”
Burned into a sign
Looking around
Is everyone blind?

What does this mean?
What could it be?
“Don’t Feed The Souls?”
Someone answer me

People are pointing
What do they see?
What is so interesting?
What could it be?

I hear a child
Saying to her mother
This one looks sad
Is there another?

The child’s mother
Looking down
Says, Don’t be silly
A heart was found

She feels nothing
Nothing at all
Just a soul
Sitting in that stall

Nearly extinct
She was saved
We intervened
Took her away

She knows nothing
She knows no pain
She is not like us
She is not the same

She lived in a world
Filled with those who were vain
We brought her here
Her life is not the same

Now she lives
In a much better place
Inside of that cage
Away from her race

I don’t understand
I can’t comprehend
What are they looking at
I followed her hand

Her finger still pointing
Pointing at me?
How is that possible?
How can this be?

I am just like you
Can’t you see?
I look around
Where could I be?

Looking outside
My picture window
The girl is staring
My heart feels low

I haven’t a door
I can not leave
Why am I here?
Who has taken me?

I try to remember
How I got here
I am confused
I am in fear

Last thing I remember
Was going to bed
Trying to sleep
Reading instead

It was a great book
Full of suspense
Anxious to read
It was intense

I read of a man
Lacking a heart
He was pure evil
But he was smart

He hunted his prey
Followed their trail
After the weakest
Those easy to sell

While they were down
In sorrow and pain
He would come in
And begin to explain

I am here for you
Just come with me
To a land of wealth
Completely pain-free

You shall be rich
Just join my team
Others will envy
Think you’re supreme

Just sign your name
On the dotted line
No reason to read it
Everything will be fine

Next I recall
Waking up here
Alone in this cage
Dwelling in fear

Now I get it
I am in a dream
Having a nightmare
Ready to scream

This terrible scene
I can’t seem to shake
Fear running down my spine
Making me quake

I begin to understand
What I have done
I gave up my life
For a land without the Son

I sold him my soul
To escaped my pain
A terrible mistake
One made in vain

I didn’t mean it
Christ is the Son
Please forgive me
What have I done?

Doomed to this hell
For all eternity
Just to escape pain
As Satan promised me

Yet here I am
In pain and sorrow
Forever to stay
Today just like tomorrow

Sitting in this cell
Rotting away
I caused my own death
Giving my soul away

The tears would not stop
I began to cry
“God, please forgive me”
And I closed my eyes

I begin to wake
Feeling deep hunger
Stirring around
I begin to wonder

Was it a dream
Or my reality
Did I betray God
Is Hell my eternity?

Just then I realise
The Son has come up
Shining upon me
Though I had given up

His warmth and love
Taking in my soul
Forever to save
Forever to behold

His Promise was given
He need not steal
His life was forsaken
His love I feel

When I enter His kingdom
All pain will go away
He gave the highest price
With His blood he paid

I will not be forsaken
Nightmare came to an end
Christ a new beginning
I’ll enter the Promised Land

by Renee Robinson

Feral Boy

Nae's Nest —  February 9, 2012 — 3 Comments

Feral Boy

Running free

What kind of life

Can this be

No one to love

No love to give

Emotionally retardant

No way to live

Poor boy raised

More like a tumor

A leech on life

Taking what he can

Treated like disease

Trusting no one

Penguin Paradise

Nae's Nest —  February 9, 2012 — 2 Comments

Skating on thin ice
Adrenaline taking over
Not sure how I got here
Just opened my eyes
Felt my heart turn over

Last I recall
Was laying on a table
Very relaxed
Very stable

I soon find myself
Penguin dancing
Out on the ice
All of us prancing

Some were graceful
Most were like me
Clumsy, falling
And sliding on belly

Such a happy moment
Hated to leave behind
So cruel to wake up
To my confused mind

I feel pain
I know what’s ahead
I wake up
To the part I dread

Pain and time
That has no end
Praying that God
Will reach with His hand

Touching my spirit
Making me strong
Help me to sleep
In comfort and ice
Taking me back to
Penguin Paradise

by Renee Robinson

Belly Of The Snake

Nae's Nest —  February 9, 2012 — 2 Comments

The belly of the snake

Drags across the earth

His legs cast off

A punishment from God

Speaks with a forked tongue

A constant reminder

Of his evil

He can speak sweetly

And with such grace

Making promises

Never kept

Words dipped in venom

Toxic in meaning

Cutting through bone

Vicious and demeaning

A body like a vice

Moves quick

When it’s time to strike

Wrapping itself

Around your body

Squeezing with every

Breath you breath

Have we come this far

For this to happen?

Have we won the war?


Did we just buy a little time?